Q. How do I make sure content will automatically copy into semester class shells?


Automated Content Copying for All Delivery Modes:

Course content can now be automatically copied into semester class shells for all delivery modes (In-Person, Online, Web Conferencing, Blended, Learning in Community, Video Conference, and Print-based Correspondence). For this process to work effectively, a template shell (what were commonly referred to as “Master” shells) needs to exist for each catalog number and delivery mode combination in which the course is offered.

Template shells are already in place for many catalog numbers at the College for these delivery modes. We are continuing to work to ensure that all catalog and delivery mode combinations that require a template shell have one in place so they are able to take advantage of the automated content copying process.

J-Session and Spring semester class shells will be created during the first week of December (12/5-12/9). Any updates to template shells (or creation of new ones) will need to be completed by the close of business on Monday, December 5, 2016.

First Step: Verifying Template Shells:

An Excel spreadsheet with all of the known template courses is attached to this knowledgebase entry. To verify that a shell is included in the automated copying process, we recommend checking the spreadsheet attached to this article or the Blackboard Course ID.

The Blackboard Course ID for any shell can be found using these steps:

  1. Within the Control Panel area of the shell, click Customization

  2. Click Properties

  3. Within the Name and Description area, locate the Blackboard Course ID, it is directly under the Course Name field

Template shells which are included in the automated content copying process will be structured using the course catalog number, PeopleSoft delivery mode code, and PeopleSoft Course ID.

For example, Typography has a catalog number of 10111165, a PeopleSoft delivery mode code of “P” and PeopleSoft Course ID of 058851.

Example Blackboard Course IDs for template shells in all delivery modes for this course are as follows:

Delivery Mode

PeopleSoft Delivery Mode Code

Blackboard Course ID







Web Conferencing






Learning in Community



Video Conference



Print-based Correspondence




Second Step: Requesting Template Shells (if one doesn’t exist already):

If you would like to request the creation of a template shell, please use this form.

If you have several template shells to request, you can also put the following information in an Excel sheet and submit a request to the NWTC Help Desk (help.desk@nwtc.edu):

  • Employee ID number

  • Course Catalog Number

  • Delivery Mode Code

  • Blackboard Course ID for the shell that contains the content you want to use (this can be from another template shell or a semester class shell)

Other “Master” Shells:

Instructors may be using a Template shell or semester course shell with Blackboard ID naming structures that are different than are outlined above (e.g., 10111165MWE058851JZ or P_10111165JAN16_21447) instead of a template shell. These shells are not able to be incorporated into automated course copying process at this time. If a template shell does not already exist for that catalog number and delivery mode, these can be converted into template shells.

If you would like to request the creation of a template shell, please use this form.

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