Q. How do I copy, share and pair my McGraw-Hill class with my Blackboard Learn class?


Copying, Sharing and Pairing a McGraw-Hill Class with a Blackboard Learn Class

  1. If primary instructor is working to setup a secondary instructor then he/she will need to be made "Teaching Assistant" in the current/new Blackboard Learn shell.  Click Here for instructions on how to manage memberships in your classes.

  2. A course copy will need to be performed.  Click Here for instructions on how to perform a bulk delete and course copy from that Master to the current/new Blackboard Learn shell.

  3. Instructors need a "Connect Account" from McGraw-Hill.  You will need to work with your department lead / contact to find out your account representative.  From there he/she will be able to further assist you in obtaining a McGraw-Hill account and training.

  4. Login to your McGraw-Hill account by Clicking Here for the login site.  Then select the "My Courses" link if you are not automatically brought to the "Courses" page.

  5. Click on the gear icon to the right of the course section in question you wish to duplicate within McGraw Hill and choose "Duplicate Section".

  6. Fill in the "New Section Name" field and click "Continue to New Section".  Please note you should give the name of the user as a prefix if copying to another instructor.  Fill in or correct any student registration info and click "Continue to New Section".

  7. You should be brought to your "Courses" page, if not click on the "My Courses" link.  Click on the gear icon next to the newly duplicated section.  Select "Share Section" from the drop down list. Under the "share your section to" option click the blue "share" button.

  8. Enter the email address of the instructor in questions whom you will be sharing this course with, thank click "Find Colleagues".

  9. Select instructor from the list and the section number to share, and what items you wish to allow the instructor to edit, then click "Share".  Please note its best to only share "start and due dates only".

  10. Login to your Blackboard account and navigate to your current/new shell.  Click "Course Tools" and then click "McGraw-Hill Higher Education" link.

  11. Click on the "Pair Course with Connect" link.  Then click "Continue".  You will be asked for your email address and password only once.  Select "Setup Existing Course".  Finally select the name of the course / section and hit "Save".

  12. You can now click on the "Back to Blackboard Button".  Inside your Blackboard Learn shell click on "Course Tools" and then "McGraw-Hill Higher Education".  Next click on the "Synchronize with Section" link, this is needed one time only.  Finally click "Submit".  Wait for the green bar announcement to show up at the top of the shell.

*If grades have not populated into Grade Center you have the ability to into "Course Tools", and "McGraw-Hill Higher Education" and click on the "Synchronize with Section".

*If you need to change dates within McGraw-Hill you can do the following once the above is completed.

  1. Login into your McGraw-Hill account and click on your "My Courses" link.  Click on the section in question to list your assignments.  

  2. Select the assignment(s) in question using the check box to the right of the assignment(s).  

  3. Click on the stack of paper icon above the "Show/Hide" column heading and choose "Manage Dates".

  4. Here you have the option to "change" or "shift" dates.  You also have a button in the upper right labeled "Individually" you can use to manage individual dates.

  5. Click "Save" when you are done.
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