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creating an assignment


Creating Assignments

You create assignments in Content Areas, but you can also add them to Learning Modules, Lesson Plans, and folders. Any instructions and file attachments that students need to complete the assignment are provided at the time of creation. You can deliver assignments to each student individually or as collaborative work for groups of students.

As assignments are created, you will work in Edit Mode. Edit Mode allows you to view all of the instructor functions. In this workshop, the phrase "in Edit Mode" refers to Edit Mode being ON.

To Create Assignments in a Content Area: 

  1. In Edit Mode, access a Content Area.

  2. On the Action Bar, point to Assessments to access the drop-down list.

  3. Select Assignment.

  4. On the Create Assignment page, type a Name. Optionally, select a color for the name.

  5. Optionally, type Instructions for the assignment and format the text with the Text Editor. Although an option, clear concise instructions are necessary for student success. Include file naming conventions, due dates, and where to go for additional help in your instructions.

  6. Optionally, attach a file using Browse My Computer, Browse Course, or Browse Content Collection and type a Link Name. The Link Name appears in the Content Area. If you do not provide one, the file name is used as the link.

  7. Type Points Possible.

  8. Optionally, associate a rubric. For more information on rubrics, see the Using Rubrics manual.

    Screen Capture

  9. Select the options for delivering the assignment:
  • Select the check box to Make the Assignment Available.
  • Select the option for Number of Attempts, if needed. The default setting is to allow a single attempt. If you allow more than one attempt, the Grade Center uses the most recent attempt. You can select a different attempt for the score by editing the column in the Grade Center. For more information on multiple attempts, see “Viewing and Grading Assignments.”
  • If applicable, select the Display After and Display Until check boxes to enable the date and time selections. Type dates and times in the boxes or use the pop-up Date Selection Calendar and Time Selection Menu to select dates and times. Display restrictions do not affect the assignment availability, only when it appears.
  • Optionally, select the Due Date check box and type the date and time. If a student submits an assignment after the due date, the submission is identified as late.
  • Select the Recipients option for All Students Individually or Groups of Students. If Groups of Students are selected as the recipients, a link to the assignment appears automatically on the group homepage and in the Content Area where it was created. Only the intended group members are able to see it in the Content Area.

      10.  Click Submit.

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