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How do I update the "Begin Here" section of my Template course shell?

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2016  |  634 Views

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Updating the "Begin Here" Section of Your Course

An updated "Begin Here" section is available, which incorporates updated content and graphic elements. Follow the steps outlined below to remove the existing content from the "Begin Here" section of your course and replace it with the updated content: 

  1. Log into your Blackboard Learn account using Mozilla Firefox

  2. Delete individual items from the existing “Begin Here” section within your Template course shells
    a. Click on the “Begin Here” section
    b. Click on the grey options drop-down menu to the right of the title of an item, choose “Delete”
    c. Repeat until all items are gone

  3. Delete existing “Introduce Yourself” Discussion Board
    a. Navigate to Course Management > Control Panel > Course Tools > Discussion
    b. Click on your courses discussion board link
    c. Click on the grey options drop-down menu to the right of discussion board “Introduce Yourself”, choose “Delete”

  4. Delete existing “Assignment: Personal Plan for Success” Grade Center column
    a. Navigate to Course Management > Grade Center > Full Grade Center
    b. Scroll through the columns and make sure it has been removed. You can also use the Column Organization tool to ensure that this column is not hidden.
    c. If column titled “Assignment: Personal Plan for Success” is still present, click on the grey options drop-down menu to the right of the grade center column, choose “Delete”

  5. Download new “Begin Here” section .zip file attached to this Knowledge base Article.
    a. Click on the “” ZIP file attached to this article
    b. Choose “Save File” and click “OK”
    c. This will download to your computer’s  “Downloads” folder under My Documents

  6. Import ZIP file with new “Begin Here” section
    a. Navigate to Course Management > Control Panel > Packages & Utilities > Import Package / View Logs
    b. Click the “Import Package” button
    c. Click the “Browse My Computer” button
    d. Locate your “Downloads” folder on the left and select the “” ZIP file and click “OK” or "Open"
    e. Choose “Select All” under Options #3 Select Course Materials
    f. Click “Submit” (you will get an email when the import is complete)

  7. Update “Activity: Start Your Learning in Class Materials” Course Link
    a. Navigate to “Begin Here”
    b. Scroll to the bottom, find “Activity: Start Your Learning in Class Materials”, copy the description and then delete this item using the grey options drop-down menu
    c. Click “Build Content” and choose “Course Link”
    d. Click “Browse” under Option #1 Choose Item
    e. Select the “Class Materials” folder from the pop-up window
    f. Change the Name to “Activity: Start Your Learning in Class Materials”
    g. Paste the description you copied previously into the Description section.  If you have any problems pasting the information, then paste into Word first and remove formatting before copying and pasting again.
    h. Make sure under Option #2 that the option to Permit Users to View Content is set to “Yes”
    i. Click “Submit”

  8. Move new “Introduce Yourself” Discussion Board
    a. Navigate to Course Management > Course Tools > Discussion
    b. Hover over the “Introduce Yourself” Discussion Board at the bottom of the list and move it to the top of the list

  9. Update Adaptive Release items for all Learning Plans AFTER Learning Plan 1
    a. Navigate to “Class Materials”
    b. For all Lesson Plan items preceding #1 click on the grey options drop-down menu and choose “Adaptive Release”
    c. Select the Grade Center column “Assignment: Submit Your Personal Plan for Success” under Option #3
    d. Set the condition to be either greater than or equal to 0% or less than or equal to 100%
    e. Set the Click “Submit"
    f. Repeat for all needed Learning Plans

  10. Verify changes using the “Switch to Student View” button.

Instructional Video

Click the following link to view a video demonstration of the steps to update the Begin Here section of your Template course shell:

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