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Can students' final grades be transferred from the Blackboard Grade Center to PeopleSoft?

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2017  |  2712 Views

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Blackboard Grade Center Extract to PeopleSoft:


Student grades can automatically be transferred from a Blackboard class shell to PeopleSoft. The alignment of this column should be that it is placed to the LEFT of the "LAST DATE OF ATTENDANCE" column in the GradeBook.

Complete the following steps to set this functionality up within your class shells:

  1. Log into your Blackboard class shell and navigate to Course Management > Grade Center > Full Grade Center

  2. Click on the "Create Column" button and fill out the fields as follows:
    a. Column Name = "PSGRADE" (all one word & must be in all caps)
    b. Primary Display = "TEXT"
    c. Points Possible = "0" (zero)
    d. Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations (your choice) = "No"
    e. Show this Column to Students (your choice) = "No"
    f. Click "Submit"
    g. Leave the rest of the fields as they are with their default values.

  3. Please DO NOT set the PSGRADE column as the "External Grade" column.

  4. The "Last Date of Attendance" column MUST stay to the RIGHT of the "PSGRADE" column otherwise dates will NOT post properly.  For instructions on managing column organization please Click Here.

Items to Note Regarding this Process:

  1. Valid values to enter in the PSGRADE column are as follows:
    a. Letter Grades: A, B, C, D, F (must be entered in all caps)
    b. Incomplete: I
    c. Withdraw: W
    d. Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory: S or U

    The grading process in Blackboard runs for the term only.  If you try to post your grade in Blackboard after the term has eneded the grades will NOT post correctly into PeopleSoft and you will have to FINALIZE the grades in PeopleSoft.  Use the "PeopleSoft Grade Student Information" link below.

    Currently, this process does not accommodate "No Shows." These will still need to be entered directly into PeopleSoft

  2. Nightly PeopleSoft looks to your Grade Center to see if there are any grades entered for students within the PSGRADE column. If there are, those grades will be transferred to PeopleSoft. If PeopleSoft sees that the data in the PSGRADE column is not valid, the instructor will receive an email notification

  3. PeopleSoft will upload any student grade entered in the PSGRADE column only once. Once a grade is transferred from Blackboard to PeopleSoft, any changes to that grade must be done in PeopleSoft.

  4. Change Grade(s) can be done in PeopleSoft using directions located on The Hub by going to Home > PeopleSoft Help > Faculty > Grade Changes

  5. Post Grade(s) can be done in PeopleSoft using directions located on The Hub by going to Home > PeopleSoft Help > Faculty > Grade Students

Instructional Video:

Click this link to view a short video explaining this process:

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Other Answers / Comments (2)

  1. Will this feature work with Video Conference courses and multiple sections?
    by Todd Perrault on Mar 06, 2014.
  2. Yes.
    by Steve Sinclair on Mar 07, 2014.


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